How To
How ToHow to..
Have you ever wondered how to do something?  Maybe it’s a home project, how to build a deck.  Maybe you have wondered how to have the best flower garden.  For whatever project or undertaking you might have an interest, there is most likely a book or at least instructions.  Now the trick is to actually read and follow those instructions.
Our next sermon series will focus on foundational ‘How To’ topics as we continue to strive to, Be Church.  Our weekly ‘How To’ topics are: Trust and be Vulnerable, Serve, Love like Jesus, Bridge the Gap, and See the Need.  Here’s the thing though, these ‘How To’ topics are crucial for us.  These are characteristics of being Church and being disciples.
So, each week of this series we want to encourage you to make a commitment to live out each topic addressed.  For the take home point in the bulletin there will be suggestions of how you can actively carry out each topic.  Let us all remember to Be Church in all that we do.   



Last Published: March 28, 2013 1:47 PM
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