Haiti Mission Team 2016

Meet the Haiti Mission Team (2016)

Front Street's Haiti Mission Team will share Christ with the people of Haiti January 23-30, 2016.  As in previous years, the team will partner with Mission of Hope and participate in many mission activities from building homes, working in an orphanage, medical missions, and most importantly being formed by the Holy Spirit with our neighbors in Haiti.  Mission of Hope’s primary efforts are focused on: church advancement, educational development, orphan care, health care, nutrition and spreading God’s love to all.
Over the coming weeks members of the team will be featured below, so that we, as the family of Front Street, can get to know them and keep them in our prayers as they prepare to minister to the Haitian people.


I have a real passion for mission trips, both locally and abroad. My first trip was ASP in Wolfe County Kentucky in 1999. I have been hooked ever since.  I am originally from Akron, Ohio and moved to Burlington in 1996. This will be my third time to Haiti, after going in 2014 and 2105. I am a bit of a mission enthusiast.  I have gone on ASP twelve times, Puerto Rico twice, Honduras in 2014, Biloxi Mississippi after Katrina in January 2006 and numerous days working on our local mission projects. I love serving with our brothers and sisters in Christ wherever that may be.


Bonjou!  im tèlman eksite yo dwe retounen nan Ayiti!  (I am so excited to be returning to Haiti!)  The January 2015 Haiti mission trip had a MAJOR impact on my life and the timing for it was unbelievable.  It renewed my belief in humanity and kindness.  The relationships that developed during that time are ones that I cherish and look forward to experiencing again as well as building on those from last year.  Doug and I truly feel like missions is a passion for us both, whether local or internationally.  Front Street has been extremely supportive and generous in their missions and we have witnessed so many kind acts through the so many members letting their guard down and “jumping in” to serve!  I pray that Lillie Margaret will grow up knowing a life of mission work and have the passion for others as Doug and I do. 

I enjoy working part-time at Pittman & Steele law firm which allows me to serve my family and community in ways that I love!  I am an active member of the Alamance County Service League, Highland PTO, ballet mom, piano mom, soccer and basketball mom!  2015 was also the beginning of Two Lillies Pound Cakes in which I baked over 200 cakes!  I enjoy traveling, baking and spending as much time as I can at the beach!


I graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in Recreational Therapy. I live in Cary and work with seniors who have dementia as the Life Enrichment Manager. I love to travel, meet new people, spend time with my family and friends, and enjoy life each day. I am thrilled to return to Haiti in January 2016. Last year, by the grace of God and a week before the trip, I had the opportunity to fill an open spot. With a few days to get prepared, I could not have been more excited to journey to Haiti with a fabulous group of people, most of whom I did not know. It was a special trip for me to experience with my parents as well. It is impossible to describe the emotions you feel while in Haiti; it is a mission you must go on to see for yourself. Haitian people are extremely warm and loving with all that they have, which is usually very little. They are happy to see us, talk with us and worship with us. It was amazing to me how you could have such a special bond with someone without even speaking the same language. The relationships develop naturally and the communication comes easy. I am excited to go back to Haiti to share love, share stories, share friendships, and be reunited with the Haitian culture. The mission opportunities would not be possible without your support. Thank you all so much!


My family and I moved to Burlington 7 1/2 years ago and shortly there after we joined FSUMC.  My husband (Michael), three children (Drew, Grace and Evan) and I have been very active in this wonderful church.  We have been involved in Sunday School, Youth Group, youth bells, youth choir, stew making, acolyting, crucifying, and all kinds of other activities.  My children started going on youth mission trips as soon as they entered the sixth grade.  They fell in love with these experiences and really got me to start thinking about going on one myself.  I was sitting in church two years ago and was listening to testimonials from the Haiti team that had just returned home and knew that it was something I wanted to try.  I had a lot of questions and finally decided that not only did I want to go but that I wanted to take my oldest son with me.  I thought that having a child who was getting ready to graduate from high school was an opportunity for both of us to open ourselves up to life outside of our comfortable bubbles that we live in.  Little did I know... The week we spent in Haiti would be very hard to put into words.  It wasn't about "us" at all.  It was about the human race, it was about kindness, it was about caring, it was about being selfless, it was about GOD and how he works through us and around us....I could go on and on.  The week was transforming for me and will forever leave an imprint on my heart and soul.


I live in Durham with my husband, Steve, my daughter Reagan, our dog, Sunny and our cat, Luna.  We are members of St.  Philips Episcopal Church where I am the leader of our Level 3 Atrium and our Kids in Action program.  I am a Registered Nurse and I work in a pediatric clinic.  Tammye Wilson is my cousin (like a sister!) and she is the reason I went to Haiti for the first time.  I am thankful to this day for her invitation.  I knew when we left Haiti that we would go back.  I am excited to return to the villages, play with the children, worship in the church and just spend time alongside the Haitians with our team.  I am also looking forward to reuniting with several Haitians that have become our friends.  The FSUMC Haiti team is amazing and feels like family to me.  I am so fortunate to have the love and support of my family, friends and the amazing Haiti Team!!


Though not a church member,I have occasionally been involved with Front St. over the years because it was my Mama’s church.  Fran Frauendorfer loved this church.  Ironically, I became more active since her passing.  My husband and I live near Louisville, KY.  For several years ,however, I spent most of my time in NC helping care for my Dad.
Last year as part of the 2015 Mission Team, I attempted to reestablish a sewing group at Front St.  Though unsuccessful, I did have 1 loyal partner who helped me sew 25 pillow Case Dresses for Haiti.  Sara Koontz is a special lady!
I feel very privileged to be included in the 2016 Mission Team as well.  Some ask “Why travel to Haiti instead of doing local missions?”  The answer is two-fold   Rather than going “instead” we are going “in addition to” serving locally.  The Haiti Mission Team members are very involved locally in both donations and volunteering with things such as:  Allied Churches, wheel chair ramps, Christmas Cheer, Habitat for Humanity, the Women’s Shelter and others.
Traveling to a developing country, such as Haiti, is experiencing “Mission” on a much deeper level.  There we see severe, widespread poverty and the incredible efforts being made to make life better. We get to actually take part in work projects with MOH. However, the real experience is interacting with the people of Haiti and with each other.


I am a senior at Western Alamance High School where I am a member of the dance team and swim team. I have taken dance at Burlington Academy of Dance and Arts for eight years. At Front Street, I enjoying being a part of the youth group and captain of the liturgical dance group. I am also a member of the Student Youth Council. Because of Front Street, I have served on Middle School Missions and Appalachia Service Project. My trip to Haiti will be my fourth mission trip. The mission trips, beach adventures, mornings helping out at vacation bible school and liturgical dances are a huge part of my life, and I could not imagine a year without these special friends and our times together. My goal is to one day be a doctor and serve on medical mission trips, so this trip to Haiti will be my first opportunity to learn about serving, and providing care and love outside of the United States. I am very excited to be going. Thank you for your support to make these trips a reality!


I am married to Clark, and we have two daughters, Emerson and Kennedy, and a shih-tzu named Charlie. I work at Elon University as the Coordinator of LIFE@Elon, a lifelong program for people over the age of fifty, and as a program assistant in the Provost Office.
Emerson just turned 18, so she could go on this trip alone, but after my wonderful experiences here at FSUMC with our friends from Puerto Rico, I felt led to join her and this amazing group of people going to Haiti. I look forward to serving at the Mission of Hope, and experiencing the pure faith and joy that Tammye, Fred, and others have shared with me about the people of Haiti.
To be completely honest, I am a little overwhelmed with the preparations - there is more to do than I imagined! I am also scared of the unknown and I worry about things like another earthquake happening while we are there, but God works through our discomfort and  I feel my faith in him already growing stronger. I pray I can be a blessing in someone's life in Haiti, but I think they will probably end up blessing me more. I appreciate the opportunity to go with the team from Front Street – thank you!


I am a life-long resident of Alamance County and met my husband Steve over 20 years ago while interning at the Burlington Police Department.  We have been married for seventeen years, and have three children: Hallie (11), and twins Mack and Charlie (8).  I worked for the City of Burlington for 15 years as the Public Relations Director until the twins came along.  I enjoy volunteering in our community, at our church and the children’s school. I have a heart for missions locally and internationally.  I have been to Haiti twice, and feel called to go back again.  I have a very special place in my heart for the children there.  Serving the Lord by spending time with them and loving on them is something I am looking forward to doing again.  They inspire and bless me far more than I bless them.  I hope to learn and grow in my faith and bring my experiences home to share and serve with others here.

Frankie ZumbroFZ

Who am I?  On the surface: Widow, mother, grandmother, teacher, lay visitor for the church.  But really, who am I?  I am a student of the Word of God; sometimes a reluctant servant who is called to be the hands and feet of Jesus; an imperfect disciple who witnesses to the power of the Holy Spirit in others’ lives.  Hopefully, I am becoming a sanctified Christian who listens and tries to follow Christ in obedience.  A friend.
Why do I want to go on this mission trip to Haiti?  Well, the church has truly blessed me by sending me to Siberia with a medical team; Costa Rica and Puerto Rico with our college students building, painting and working with the children and being a part of several local missions in a trailer park and feeding the homeless.  Now I feel it is time to visit Haiti-the one place that really frightens me for its poverty and need.  I seek your prayers for I know that you are as much a part of this team as each of us.   Please join us as we endeavor to represent our Lord and His people at Front Street UMC to learn from and serve the chosen ones in Haiti.  Thank you!

Rebecca HosseltonRebecca H.

Hi! My name is Rebecca Hosselton. I’m 21 years old and currently living in Brenton, West Virginia.I work along side David Hoxie, a member of Front Street United Methodist Church, for a home repair ministry called Appalachia Service Project. This past summer, my staff and I had the pleasure of hosting a group from FSUMC when I was told about the mission trip to Haiti. After hearing about the trip I felt a strong calling from God to go, almost as if he was saying, “What’s stopping you?” I’m so thrilled to take this leap of faith and travel along side the members of Front Street. I have a heart for helping others and I cannot wait to serve the people of Haiti. 

Charlene Z. JohnstonCharlene J.

 I am a 1975 graduate of Western Carolina University with a BS in Social Work.  I worked as a Social Worker with Cumberland County Schools and Forsyth County Department of Social Services.  From 1983 until my retirement in 2011, I was a Social Worker with Guilford County Schools
In 1981 I was married to the late Robert L. Johnston, from whom I was widowed in 2001.  We had two daughters, Meredith and Lindsay.  Meredith lives in Troy, NC with her husband Ryan and their children, 4 year old Bryson and 3 year old Caroline.  She is an oncology nurse at Moore Regional Hospital in Southern Pines / Pinehurst, NC.  Lindsay is single and lives in Kernersville, NC.  She is a nurse in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit at Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem.
I have been a member of Grace United Methodist Church in Greensboro for 30 years. 2013 was my first mission trip to Haiti, which was the first year Grace UMC joined Front Street on a mission to Haiti.  It has been my honor to also be part of the 2014 and 2015 Mission Teams.   I'm looking forward to January 2016 when I again join my FSUMC brothers and sisters to be the hands and feet of Christ to God's children in Haiti.  I have no doubt I'll leave part of my heart when I board the plane to return to the US, but I also have no doubt that the blessings I receive will fill that void.

Lloyd ManningLloyd M

I moved from Wayne County to Burlington in 1964.  I have been married for 41 years to Tina, and I am the proud father of Katherine Wilson and Matt Manning.  One of the greatest joys in my life is my 7 year old grandson, Patrick Wilson. 
I retired in 2008 from my job in the heavy construction equipment industry, but I needed something to keep me busy.  I am blessed to have a knack for construction and repair, so I decided to do minor home repairs a day or two a week.  I now have a crew of 4 working full time for me, and I work five days a week, loving every minute of it!
I first went to Haiti in 2012.  I had heard about the Front Street mission to Haiti and I thought that my experience in construction would be helpful to the team, so I signed up.  I was going to help the people of Haiti; instead, I was humbled by the people of Haiti.  No matter how much I had to offer them, the riches they bestowed on me made my offerings seem small.  They taught me to rejoice in the face of adversity, to praise God with all my being, to find hope and love in every part of my life.  They led me to a deeper appreciation of all God has given me.  This will be my fourth trip to Haiti, and I learn more each time I go.  I am truly blessed.


My name is Katherine Wilson. I am a proud mother of a 7 year old boy who fills my life with love and joy.  I am the daughter of Lloyd and Tina Manning who have dedicated their lives to the church. I am currently looking forward to graduating in May with my School Social Work degree! I am very blessed to be a part of the Haiti mission.






More coming soon!

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