Flood Buckets 2017

Flood buckets

Download: Kit Assembly Instructions (PDF) | Instructional Video |

Flood Buckets (sometimes known as Cleaning Buckets) are buckets filled with supplies that enable people to begin the overwhelming job of cleaning up after a flood or hurricane.

This is a practical way that individuals can provide relief to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.  See below for details.


Instructions for Assembling a Flood Bucket

Please ensure each item listed below is included in your bucket.  Only fully assembled buckets will be accepted. 

Each bucket should contain:

5-gallon bucket with resealable lid
Buckets from fast-food restaurants or bakeries can be used if washed and cleaned;
Do not use buckets that have stored chemicals such as paint or pool cleaner;
Advertisements on the outside are acceptable.
Liquid laundry detergent
One 50-oz. or two 25-oz. bottle(s) only.
Liquid household cleaner
12-16 oz. liquid cleaner that can be mixed with water;
No spray cleaners.
Dish soap
16-28 oz. bottle any brand.
1 can air freshener
Aerosol or pump.
1 insect repellant spray
6-14 oz. aerosol or spray pump with protective cover.
1 scrub brush
Plastic or wooden handle.
18 cleaning wipes
Handi Wipes or reusable wipes;
No terry cleaning towels;
Remove from packaging.
7 sponges
No cellulose sponges due to mold issues;
Remove from wrapper.
5 scouring pads
Remove from wrapper;
No stainless steel, Brillo pads, or SOS pads (nothing with soap built in).
50 clothespins
One 100-ft. or two 50-ft. lines;
Cotton or plastic.
24-roll heavy-duty trash bags
33-45-gallon sizes;
Remove from the box.
5 dust masks
2 pairs kitchen dishwashing gloves
Should be durable enough for multiple uses;
Remove from packaging.
1 pair work gloves
       Cotton with leather palm or all leather.

Assembly Directions
Place all liquid items in the bucket first. Place remaining items in the bucket, fitting them around and between the liquid items. Sponges, scouring pads, clothespins, and trash bags can be separated in order to fit all of the items in the bucket. Ensure the lid is closed securely.
Important Notes
  •  Approximate cost of supplies for a flood bucket is $65.
  •  Consider joining with friends to assemble a flood bucket.
  •  All items must be new except for the actual bucket and lid.
  •  All cleaning agents must be liquid and in plastic containers. No powders, please.
  •  If you cannot find the requested size of a liquid item, use a smaller size. Including larger sizes of any item will prevent the lid from sealing.
Processing & Shipping Costs: Please enclose an envelope containing at least $1.50 for each kit you send. This donation enables kits to be sent to areas in need.
Drop off your completed bucket(s) in the Welcome Center by Otctober 15.


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO inspect assembled buckets at FSUMC (once a week) to ensure all necessary items are included.
To volunteer, please contact Patrick Murphy at Patrick@frontstreetumc.org or call 336.227.6263.


Last Published: September 22, 2017 9:56 AM
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