2017 Advent Devo 3


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Get Ready

Read Malachi 3:1-4

The same messenger who called to the Chosen People calls to you and to me.  Prepare your hearts.  You and I are invited to ready ourselves to receive the gift of a Messiah.   The messenger calls us into Advent, a time of preparation.

Advent is not passive.  All of the physical preparation that we do is important, as most of it is symbolic in one way or another of the Christmas event.  So, take time to make those decoration, baking, and gift-giving preparations.

Also remember that there is a more important preparation that you and I have to actively engage in – the preparation of our heart and life.  Is your heart ready to receive and celebrate the promised Messiah?  Are you ready to embrace him and all he offers?  What might be standing in your way?  How about unconfessed sin?  Are there any relationships that you need to work toward reconciling, as your heavenly Father seeks to be reconciled with you through his Son, Jesus?  Are you ready to take the first step, as he did with you?  It’s time to get busy.

Read the holy story again and again.  Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what kind of God would break into the world in such a way?

Tell the story to your family, to the children, and to strangers.  Sing Advent and Christmas hymns.  Listen to their words and rejoice at their message.

Let’s get busy preparing the way,  for there is a birth to celebrate, and a light coming into the world that will refine you and me into an offering that will be pleasing to the Lord!

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, may the Holy Spirit lead us into a time of active preparation for the gift of your judgment, mercy, and grace.  Amen.

- Ross Carter



Last Published: December 4, 2017 3:02 PM
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