2017 Advent Devo 8

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 Shout and Sing for Joy

Read Isaiah 12: 2-6

Two years ago I was preparing to go to Haiti on my first international mission.  The more I found out about the conditions in Haiti, the more I wondered if I was really going to be able to help anyone there.  Rampant poverty, destroyed homes, lack of clean water and food, thousands of amputees, 400,000 orphans- what could I do?  How could I shine the love of God onto people who have been so ravaged by both man and nature?

The words in Isaiah leapt off the page as I read them; they made me recall my uncertainty about serving the people of Haiti.  While in Haiti we attended the Mission of Hope church.  These verses from Isaiah immediately brought up images of the Haitians worshipping there.  The command in Isaiah to “sing praises to the Lord, for he has done gloriously” describes the pure joy that everyone radiated as they danced, sang and shouted their praises to God.  What faith, what hope, what trust!  In spite of all their hardships and sorrow, they were assured that they are beloved children of God, that He will watch over them and hold them close.  My lesson was not for the Haitians; it was from the Haitians. 

During this season of Advent, may we all remember to lift up praise for God’s salvation of us through the gift of Jesus.  The water from the well of salvation is bottomless.  Praise God!

Prayer:  Lord, place your gentle hand on my shoulder to remind me that you are my strength and my song.  You sent your Son to take the burden of my sins; let me shout and sing for joy at His coming.  Amen

- Tina Manning



Last Published: December 4, 2017 3:09 PM
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