2017 Advent Devo 12

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Holding Faith

Read Mark 13: 24-37

We all find ourselves experiencing times of darkness.  In times of loss, times of change, times of pain or suffering, the lights go out and we feel it’s the end of the world.  All too often we languish, mourning the loss of what’s comfortable and safe, and we do what’s human.  We look for ways to fix it — to soothe our pain and regain our “normal” — but that’s not what Advent calls us to do.  Advent calls us to wait and watch.

We’re never alone.  When darkness overwhelms us Jesus is always by our side.  Christ’s healing work takes place in the dark and messy moments of life, we just need to be willing to wait through that space.  It’s when we forget Jesus never abandons us that we have fallen asleep.

We’ve fallen asleep when busyness becomes our priority, when fear controls us, when we choose what’s comfortable over what’s right.  Falling asleep is surrendering to the darkness and turning away from God.  Darkness is deception.  It tricks us into thinking there’s nothing worth waiting for, that closing our eyes to ease the pain is our only choice.

But Advent asks us to hold faith, to be present through the darkness, and to know that Christ stands with us as we do our work.  We must  believe that the light within us is stronger than the darkness around us.

So we wait.  And we watch.

Prayer:  Dear Lord, help us to be still and listen for You, even in our darkest times.  Let waiting become our prayer as we surrender to Your will in our lives.  Amen. 

- Laura Hargrove




Last Published: December 12, 2017 1:11 PM
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