2017 Advent Devo 13

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May the Force be with You

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24

Rejoice always.  Looking back on the year, these words seem difficult. With devastating natural disasters, horrific mass shootings, and general feelings of fear and instability permeating our country, how do we remain joyful?  It causes great trepidation to turn on the television in the morning to see what awful thing occurred while we were asleep.  It seems that those around us and we ourselves are carrying heavy burdens.

Pray without ceasing.  Maybe that is the answer.  Wake up each morning in a state of gratitude.  Focus on what you are thankful for and on what you can control.  Formulate a breath prayer that you can repeat to yourself as a mantra to guide your day.  Keep those you love and those who need love at the forefront of your thoughts.  Focusing on and caring for others takes away our tendency to brood about ourselves. On days when prayer is difficult and joy is scarce, allow others to focus on and care for you.  What greater purpose do we have than to be here for each other just as Christ modeled so beautifully with His own life?

I was drawn years ago to an Advent devotion written by Rev. Bill Simpson which simply stated: “The only things that last are the things we give away.”  We have a choice to impart negativity, rudeness, and judgement or to be positive, kind, and welcoming. What are you giving away today?  Those lasting impressions can leave a legacy of warmth that leads others to rejoice.  This Advent season, as we prepare our hearts for the coming of the Christ child, may we be mindful and intentional about the things we “give away.”

Prayer:  Dear God – Help me to give away something valuable today:  a kind word, a smile, a listening ear, a helping hand. Help me to see you at the center of all that I do.  Amen

- Jan Register




Last Published: December 12, 2017 1:13 PM
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