2017 Advent Devo 19

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Do Not Fear, Immanuel Is Coming

Read Isaiah 7:10-16

Stop reading.  Look at the scripture reference.  Find it in a Bible and read it.  Read the text before it, and after it.  Get lost in the scripture so that you may be found by God within God’s Holy Word. The most important part of a devotional reading is the scripture.  It is not my words, but God’s Word.

This scripture excerpt is from the beginning of Isaiah in the Old Testament. During the Advent season we long for the Messiah—the long awaited King.  Yes, as Christians we anticipate that Christ will come again.  However in the Old Testament, God’s people longed for their King to come from the line of King David. 

At the time of the beginning of the book of Isaiah, God’s people are split into a divided kingdom (Israel in the North and Judah in the South) and they are threatened by several neighboring kingdoms including each other.  Their identity as a people is fraying and their assurance of a future is uncertain.  King Rezin of Aram and King Pekah of Israel attacked Jerusalem in Judah.  King Ahaz of Judah grew weary of the threats all around him.  Then the Prophet Isaiah said to King Ahaz and to the whole House of David (God’s people), there is coming a child, a righteous king, called Immanuel who will choose good over evil.  Isaiah assures them that God is in control and to know that the kingdoms they fear will be deserted. 

So have no fear.  Have no fear because the Lord, our God is with us and is preparing a way for Immanuel. 

Prayer: Holy God, grant us peace as Isaiah assured Ahaz so that we may have no fear, but rather have faith.  As Isaiah assured Ahaz assure us that we will have a future chosen by Immanuel who knows how to choose the good over the evil. Amen.

- Dave Bollen




Last Published: December 12, 2017 2:01 PM
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