2017 Advent Devo 21

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Saying “Yes” to God

Read Luke 1:26-38

This story is a compelling example of discipleship, obedience and submission to God and God’s plan for us.  As an unmarried teenager, Mary had everything to lose in this situation.  How fearful she must have been! She was told by an angel that she was specially chosen by God to give birth to His divine son—the world's Messiah.  Despite her initial fear, Mary trusts God's plan and faithfully responds to God’s call.  God often calls us to search within ourselves for the courage to respond to Him during times of uncertainty.  Though not always easy, obedience is necessary to welcome God's blessings into our lives. God keeps the promises that God makes with us, "For nothing is impossible with God," even though it may be beyond our understanding.

The Advent season is a time for reflection and hope.  What parts of my life reflect my obedience to God and what self-serving decisions have I made instead?  How am I saying  yes to God?  The birth of Jesus brought hope of salvation for humanity.  As followers of Christ, we remain hopeful that Christ will come again for His people.  We remain hopeful that by opening our hearts God will draw near to us.

Prayer:  Loving God, grant us the courage to be faithful servants like Mary.  We know that obedience to you welcomes so many possibilities.  When we are fearful or doubtful, remind us that time and time again, you've made the impossible possible.  With hopeful hearts, we give thanks to you for recreating us to be the disciples you have designed us to be and we joyfully await the return of our Savior, Christ Jesus.  Amen.

- Mallory Wilcox





Last Published: December 12, 2017 2:05 PM
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