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Reflections of Haiti

By Margaret Pardue

Note from the editor:  The text below was shared by Margaret Pardue during the Mission Moment on Sunday, February 18)

I am Margaret Pardue and I was lucky enough to have traveled to the beautiful country of Haiti with 19 amazing friends.  My dear friend, Jennifer, had been telling me for four years that I would love Haiti, but I always found a reason not to go.  As most people do when they go on a trip to a new place, you set expectations in your mind for different things.  Well, what I experienced far exceeded my expectations:  from the beauty of the country, to the food, to the weather, to the accommodations, and the wonderful people, but mostly the presence of God while there.

I am not going to go on and on about how great my week was, even though it was one of the best of my life, or how my life was forever changed, which it has been.  I am going to tell you a story about how God showed me what I could do to continue to be on mission every day in my own community, and you can too.

The first day in the Village of Labrodie we met a little girl who had a tattered scarf tied around her head, covering her hair.  We could tell that she had extremely short hair.  At Kids Club on Wednesday she had elastic waist pants on her head.  We unfortunately saw her being made fun of and saw another child pull the pants off her head, and she started crying and was quickly comforted by our team members.  That night back at Mission of Hope campus I shared about this experience.  A Medical Mission team was there at the time, and the pediatrician was going to see about getting her the medical attention that he thinks she needed for her hair growth condition.  What a blessing!

I had decided to find her on the last day and give her some bandanas for her Fri2head.  We split into 2 groups and at the last minute I decided to go with the other group due to the size.  The other group went in a totally different direction than us.  We were walking down a dirt road with nothing but banana trees on either side and there she was, standing on the side of the road with tears streaming down her cheeks.  I asked our Village Champion if it was ok for me to give her a bandana for her head.  Ms. Betty helped me tie it around her precious head, and we gave her 2 more bandanas.  The joy that we all felt at that moment, will never be Fri3forgotten.  We walked for a while and then she ran leading us to her home to meet her mom.  We talked with her mom and prayed with her.  We could feel God’s presence with us.

This experience helped me to see the importance of acting on your instincts and sharing God’s love with anyone, a stranger or a friend.  I have been guilty of thinking about something I should have done, or said to someone after the fact, and not doing.

God wants us to be on mission everyday to share his love.

Ross mentioned last week in his sermon about it being easy to get stuck in “practice mode” instead of being ‘in the game and doing”.

In our Mission of Hope devotional guide there was a quote for the week we returned, it read: “We have prayed that God would not only use you in reaching the nation of Haiti for Christ but even more that God would change and challenge you to be on mission with Him regardless of where you live.”

No matter where we are, we are called to be on mission with Christ - at work, on a sports team, in a classroom.  God always gives us opportunity to live on mission every day.


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Last Published: March 1, 2018 12:14 PM
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