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Reflections of Haiti

By Marti Strickland

Note from the editor:  The text below was shared by Marti Strickland during the Mission Moment on Sunday, February 18)

I have been part of the Haiti mission team both this year and in 2015. This year I had the opportunity to bring along my daughter Grace who is 18 years old and about to head off to college this fall.  I wanted her to see what a third world nation looked like, and how each of us can follow Jesus lead and help " the least of these"  whether by words or by actions. I also wanted her to see how, as a church, each of us had different gifts to help those we encountered. And although it is often hard to see change and improvement, we can help with life transformation one person at a time.

We saw extreme poverty, where some children didn't wear shoes and where little wed goatsbabies and children wore only a shirt, as diapers were not an everyday item.  Where washing clothes or dishes in a wash tub was a laborious process, that we helped with when we came across women who were having a wash day.  We visited with a woman who had eye issues whose vision was compromised so that when her daughter was not around she was not able to get herself a meal. We referred her to the Mission of Hope medical team and hopefully she will get some aid.

One afternoon we sponsored a Kids club activity and meal. It was basically a 2 hour Bible time  where there was music time and then Patrick, with the help of translators and Village leaders, told the story of Moses and the Exodus. It was great fun to see Patrick's rendition and then to have a little boy retell it in Creole as well!  It was a very animated story time!  We then served a meal to these children, about 100 of them! We provided the groceries and some local village women cooked the rice and beans and chicken outside in their big pots.  We had quite an assembly line to get them all fed.

All of these activities were ones that made you realize that serving gave you something back. A feeling that we are all in this together and that each day that you give something back is a day well spent. 

We were each asked to think of a Faith Item that we could bring with us to Haiti to share with the group. I could not think of something that was concrete that I could bring.  Different things began to come to mind and I realized that there were a variety of things that were my Faith items:

Haiti - One of the first things that came to mind was my first trip to Haiti. - it is a place that resets your spirit and allows you to become more faithful and serving, while giving hope to those you serve.

Music- the feeling that moves you when you are singing Anthems about the way God cares for us and our calling to "Love one another" The other Haiti team members and Church family-who are so willing to support one another and to take a week to get outside of our comfort zones and to help transform those around us

Our kids that went with us - Grace and Grace and  Kennedy. So full of love and a willingness to share themselves with those around them. We need more examples of this type of faithfulness in order to change the direction of our world and cultures. It gave me hope.

My faith items are all of these things.

So I invite you to serve In any kind of mission area, but especially in those that allow you to be immersed in the doing and the transforming.  It will lift you up as well as those you are loving. 

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Last Published: March 1, 2018 12:15 PM
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