Reflections JP

Reflections of Haiti

By Jim Piatt

Note from the editor:  The text below was shared by Jim Piatt during the Mission Moment on Sunday, February 10, 2019)

“The paradox of ‘no service’” – For those of us who over the last decade have become tethered (either willingly or unwillingly) to our mobile devices, two of the most dreaded words imaginable are “no service.”  Those two small words, tucked into the corner of a mobile phone screen, can instill a mild sense of panic and inspire our inner voice to ask “What if my boss tries to call?  What if I miss an important email?  What if my spouse needs me?  What if I can’t reach my family?”

For the 18-member Haiti mission team, who once again traveled to the Mission of Hope in Titanyen, Haiti in January, the words “no service” greet us from the moment we take off from Miami until almost the moment we return. The mission center that serves as our home away from home does, in fact, have Wi-Fi, and it works part of the time – we can post a few pictures and occasionally make a Facetime call.  But for most of our trip, we move about our week disconnected from our phones and our normal worlds.JP Hiati

Once the shock of this untethered life wears off, we begin to see and connect with Haitians, their country, our service projects, and each other in a new and exciting light.

Most important of all, we connect/reconnect with God in deeply meaningful, spiritual ways through our interactions with our brothers and sisters in Haiti, through our devotions, and through comradery of those with whom we serve.

As in past years, the Haiti team spent part of our week in discipleship with our Haitian friends.  We served meals and ministered to children; we helped prepare and install roof trusses for a church currently under construction; we planted trees near the homes of families in need; we worshipped alongside Haitians of all ages; we shared the gift of goats with one family and solar-power units with several others; we loved and laughed with all we encountered.

Our team members returned home to our families, our church and our community renewed in our understanding of the power of this paradox – that we do our best service to God when we have “no service.”



Last Published: February 19, 2019 2:14 PM
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