Meal Train Frontline Workers
Show your appreciation and support for our community frontline workers by providing a meal for them.
It's easy!  
1) Click here to visit the Meal Train.
2) Select the frontline workers for whom you would like to provide a meal.
3) Choose an open date.
4) Call the restaurant of your choice and set up the food, date, time, delivery, based on the instruction/directions for the entity you have chosen to feed. No home cooked meals please.
Note: There is no need to use Grubhub or Doordash gift cards. Most restaurants have a delivery service they use and the restaurant takes care of that when you call.
The size of each group of essiential workes varies from 3 people to 40+. Consider joining with other families or individuals in your small group or Sunday School class to provide a meal for one of the larger groups.


Note:  This Meal Train was set up by The Lamb's Chapel and shared with local churches, businesses and other organizatoins so that together we can encourage and support essential workers in our community.


Last Published: April 28, 2020 1:13 PM
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