COVID Task Force Plan

The following is an outline of the plans made by our Task Force.


  • The team decided that we would resume in-person worship once the State moves to Phase 3. Since we may have already recorded the service during the week that the announcement is made, we will begin the Sunday following the first full week following the announcement of the opening of Phase 3. For example, if the movement to Phase 3 is made on July 17, our first Sunday in the church would be July 26.

  • We will begin with one service in the sanctuary at 11:00am. Once we are able to get a better handle on the number of people who actually attend worship, we will be able to better evaluate the need for more than one service. But we thought it best to begin simply.

  • We will continue to offer live-streaming of the service, just as we did prior to the pandemic. Of course, if you have a temperature, do not feel well, have a cough or cold, or if you have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID, please stay home and watch the service online.

  • Everyone will be asked to wear a mask. If the state is still requiring them, we will, too. If the state makes them optional, we will re-evaluate our position at that time.

  • Spacing between family units will be 6 feet; and, we will utilize every other pew. (That means that some people may not be able to sit in their usual pew. But be assured, the Holy Spirit will find you in your new spot.)

  • The congregation will be asked not to sing. We have removed the hymnals, etc., from the pews to discourage cross-contamination. However, we will work to print the lyrics to the hymns in the bulletin so that we can all read the meaningful words while the music is played. Perhaps we will gain a new appreciation for the theology contained in our hymns as we read them with new eyes.

  • We will not have a choir. However, our music leadership will work toward having soloists or duets.

  • There will be no children's sermon during worship, so as to avoid the close grouping of the children.

  • Offering plates will be placed at the doors to the sanctuary so that our gifts and tithes may be placed in them upon entering or leaving.

  • We will have bulletins. Ushers/Greeters wearing gloves will pass them out as people enter the worship space.

  • There will be no fellowship time, nor a receiving line at the door, following the service.

  • Hand sanitizer will be placed in strategic places throughout the building. The first places you will find it will be the sanctuary narthex and the portico entrance near the office. Extra masks will be there, too.

  • Until we can discern a safe way to have Communion, we will be fasting from that holy meal.

C H U R C H  O F F I C E

  • The church office has already opened M-F from 9:00am-1:00pm.

  • Since we are still in Phase 2, visitors are asked to wear masks and use sanitizer.  There is a table inside the building entrance nearest the office with sanitizer and masks, if you have forgotten yours.

S M A L L  G R O U P S

  • During our present Phase 2, small groups like Sunday School Classes, Bible Studies, etc., may meet in-person. They will be scheduled into the largest spaces we have available so that the 6-foot physical distancing requirement can be observed. Please contact Pamela in the church office to schedule a space. Please give the number of people you expect so she can schedule a space large enough for the group.

  • Another great option for small groups is to utilize one of the church's 3 Zoom accounts. We already have three classes joining together on Zoom. If you would like to have your group utilize that option, please contact Patrick or Ross.

  • Small group members will be asked to sanitize their meeting space at the end of their meeting. Appropriate products will be provided.

  • At this time we will not be allowing groups outside the church use of the building.

C H I L D R E N  &  Y O U T H

  • Youth Group doesn't normally meet during the summer. Please check the normal places for information and updates from Chris.

  •  At this time, Marcy is providing children's Sunday School online. We know your kids will enjoy the experience she is providing.

  • As we resume in-person worship, there will be no nursery. Families are invited to bring their children to worship. If there becomes a great need for a nursery, we will re-visit that decision, keeping in mind the challenges with spacing issues and sanitizing toys, etc.

G E N E R A L  C L E A N I N G

  • We know that our custodial staff does a great job keeping the building clean on a normal basis.

  •  During the week, the church will be cleaned and sanitized, paying particular attention to high-touch surfaces. (e.g., light switches, doors, etc.)

This is the starting point in our plan. Be assured that we will be constantly assessing and evaluating the whole situation, and making improvements or changes as needed.


Last Published: July 7, 2020 1:13 PM
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