God Leads Me
God Leads Me
“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.  He makes me lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside quiet waters.”
- Psalm 23: 1-2
I well remember when God came to me nudging me not to leave Mercy Hospital even after the night visiting bell had rung for the second time for all visitors to leave; but I didn’t want to go.  It had been a blustering cold and windy bus ride from Richmond to Baltimore after receiving a phone call saying my mother was in the hospital gravely ill with another severe gall-stone attack.  I just wanted to stay near her for she had been the center of my life.  I had hardly had time to kiss my mother and find out what I could about her situation.  She looked tired and weak from pain but tried to answer my questions when another announcement came, “All visitors at Mercy Hospital, please leave immediately.” How I hated to leave, and why wouldn’t they set up a cot there in the room for me to be near her?
The head nurse ushered me out of my mother’s hospital room assuring me I could visit her after the operation the next morning.  As I stepped from the elevator, my eyes caught sight of a tiny room off of the lobby.  The plague above the door read “Chapel”.   Beneath the darkened wooden mantel piece, was a flickering fire, a low lighted lamp and a book lying on a table beside a comfortable looking polished leather wing-backed chair.  Without hesitation, I decided to sit for awhile, gather myself together and contemplate my mother’s situation. I was terrified that I would lose her and overwhelmed by a feeling of helplessness as I cried and prayed.  I reached for the Bible on the table and turned to Psalm 23.  Reading it made my tears subside and slowed down my breathing as I drifted away into a deep sleep only stirring when a figure entering the room.  I opened my eyes and recognized my mother’s doctor so I called him by name.  I tried to explain to him my fears of losing my mother for he had once told me that an operation could possibly take her life.
A tender smile spread over the doctor’s face as he told me of a new piece of medical equipment that had recently arrived at the hospital that would eliminate the painful stones and not endanger my mother’s life.  He assured me that this new procedure would give her a second chance without exposing my mother to a loss of blood and possible death.  A swelling of thankfulness and gratitude filled my heart as I realized that God had heard my prayers, quieted my fears and would provide for her healing.
Dear God, you know our fears and the tumult within our souls.  Thank you for your comforting Word and hearing our prayers and leading us beside quiet waters.
-Norma Davis


Last Published: November 27, 2013 3:13 PM
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