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Finance Manager

336-227-6263 x213
How long have you served at Front Street UMC?
Since November 2014
What’s your favorite thing about working here?
The people that I work with
Where were you born and raised?
Where did you go to school?
Williams High School & UNCG
How many children do you have?
1 – 14-year old Jordan
Any Pets?
A beagle named Biscuit
What is most important about your work at FSUMC? What drives you? What is your passion?
To let people know that you care about them whether it be in good times or in bad times & that you’re here to help
What two people have most influenced you?
Mom & Dad
How do you like to spend your free time?
With my family
What’s your favorite food?
Where do you like to vacation?
The beach
Last Published: July 26, 2021 7:57 PM
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