Extending the Table

Notes from the pastor


Dear Front Street Family,

The season of Thanksgiving is upon us and soon Advent and Christmas will follow.  Although our culture may undervalue Thanksgiving as compared to Halloween and Christmas, nevertheless for many of us it still remains one of the wonderful highlights of the year.  For me it has come to signify the importance of family and the ritual of eating together at the table.  In our busy fast food culture eating a focused meal together is becoming a lost ritual, all except during this special season. 

Growing up we always had our mealtimes together, especially at supper time.  No one left the table without permission from dad, and that was rarely given especially when we had company.  Table fellowship was important because it was a time of conversation and sharing, especially during the season of Thanksgiving.  Mealtime always began with a prayer giving thanks to God for all He had provided and it always ended with a prayer for those less fortunate.

I always knew it was Thanksgiving because our table became literally larger.  Mom would go into the hall closet and pull out extensions that would add to the length of our table to accommodate the many guests that would join us for Thanksgiving.  Dad had a number of co-workers who did not have families, and they would always be invited to join us during this season.  It was not uncommon to see a stranger or two eating with us.  Then you add the countless aunts and uncles, and you get the idea.

Grandma had a table that extended from her dining room into her living room during this time of year to accommodate her seven children and their families.  In fact, at mealtime we would fill sofas and chairs, every nook and cranny of her house.  I sometimes think that is what it must be like in God’s house.  God prepares the table for us and he keeps adding extensions so that more and more of his children from all over the world can come to his table.

This Thanksgiving consider extending your table and invite someone to dinner, someone who might have nowhere else to go.  Join us as we extend the invitation to “Come to the table” as we invite others to join us at Front Street United Methodist Church.

Grace and Peace,

~ Pastor Ray

Last Published: November 1, 2016 10:13 AM
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