Membership Has Its Privileges

Notes from the pastor


Dear Front Street Church,

Membership has its privileges when you join a local gym or golf club, or you buy season tickets for your favorite basketball team, Duke, State or Carolina, but not in the local church.  People sometimes get a little confused when they join the local church.  They think now that they are members, they should get special perks like preferred parking or seating, or that the pastor and staff should somehow meet all their needs.  The truth is that when you join a church, it is the exact opposite – in contrast to being served you are called to serve.

I believe in church membership, but not in a way that most people think.  I don’t lose sleep over people who attend and never join.  It’s not about numbers.  It’s all about heart and discipleship.  To me, church and worship are more than a spectator sport.  Church and worship should inspire people to pursue God and deepen their heart connection with others in the church so that their first love is God, and their second love is other people.  For this to happen, people must feel embraced, accepted, and loved by the church.  Our mission and doctrine are important, but lose their value if people lose sight of God and are not experiencing genuine and meaningful community with each other.  That is one of the reasons we want to create more avenues of fellowship like our “Midweek Refresh.”

My passion is to make sure the leaders of our church are in meaningful relationships within the church.  If someone says to me they want to lead, but they don’t want to be on the team, I struggle with that.  It’s like a young man saying to me “I want to live with your daughter but I will never marry her.” I want to explore with that person the reasons why.

Membership in the church does have one privilege.  Members don’t have to do ministry, they get to do ministry!  You are encouraged to find joy and meaning in a servant role of your choice and calling.  Soon you will discover that there are many avenues of getting involved in the life and ministry of Front Street Church. 

Abundant Blessings,

~ Pastor Ray Wittman

Last Published: March 23, 2017 11:02 AM
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