New Sound System




You may have noticed some additional equipment installed in the sanctuary during the Christmas season. We have completed a longneeded overhaul of the sanctuary audio system, and added a new video streaming capability for our church.

The new system improves the audio quality inside the main area of the sanctuary and makes it easier to hear what is going on all the way from the choir to the balcony. It also includes a new assisted listening system with traditional earphones as well as T-Coil capability for anyone who needs it, and continues our CD audio recording for our shut-in ministry and anyone else who wants a copy.

As part of the project, we also added the ability to stream our services live to the Internet. We piloted the program during the holiday worship services on the church Facebook page and received lots of compliments on the new capability. The goal is for anyone who cannot attend in-person to be able to watch the 11:00 a.m. Sunday worship service remotely with a few clicks - and that video is also available for streaming on-demand within a few minutes. We had more than ten people watching the 8 p.m. Christmas Eve service that couldn't come in person, and the video has hundreds of additional views since then. Please check this out for yourself, and share it with anyone who may be interested.

The second phase of the project is about to get underway for Aldersgate; we will share more about that system in the future.

These are exciting new capabilities for our church, and there may be questions about the project beyond what can be answered in a short article like this. For questions about how these changes support the mission of the church, please contact Ross; for technical questions or to learn more about the functions and capabilities of the system please contact John Moran.


Last Published: January 29, 2018 3:44 PM
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