For Such a Time as This
Notes from the pastor


Read Esther 4:10-14

In the year 479BC a Jewish woman named Esther becomes queen in Persia.  As a result of some devious plotting by the Prime Minister, the king issues an edict that all Jews are to be killed.  At that point, Esther has to decide if she will stand quietly in the wings, or will she step up and do something to prevent this atrocity from happening.  In the scripture above, her cousin places before her the thought, “…perhaps you were made queen for such a time as this.”

We all have times that we would rather step aside and let others do what needs to be done.  It is particularly easy in the church to get lulled into this mindset – especially if there are paid staff around.  As we think about this, let me begin by saying that at Front Street we have one of the best staffs around.  The staff of this church works hard each week to ensure that ministry runs as smoothly as possible.  They give great leadership, and are always coming up with new and exciting ideas.  I would encourage you to stop them when you see them and express your appreciation; or, drop a note to communicate your gratitude for their faithful service to God and to our church.

In addition to a great bunch of staff members, our church has fantastic congregation members who give of their time and talents to make ministry happen.  In my own thinking I am moving from calling these folks “volunteers” to referring to them as “servants.”  I think this better reflects the way that each person views their involvement in the church.  Christ gives to us, and in turn, we serve Him by serving his church.  These numerous servants serve because of their love for Christ and for his people.  They serve in areas that are visible and in areas that are not so visible.  For example, some step up into big noticeable roles like helping with Vacation Bible School.  Others come by the church almost unnoticed on a week day and replenish the sanctuary pews with envelopes and other information.  Just think of all of the ministries you see (or are a part of) in this church, and begin to imagine all of the activities that might go into making them happen.  (For example, just think of the time that goes into preparing this newsletter.)  There are people at work all around the church, in a myriad roles, because of God’s call on their life.  I invite you to thank them for their service.

Maybe you have been feeling a tug on your life lately.  Maybe you are hearing the same words that Esther responded to:  “…who can say but that God has brought you into [this place] for such a time as this.”  What role can you play in our church’s ministries?  How can you faithfully serve in response to the Lord’s love that overflows your life.  Is it in an area, like the role Esther was called into, that scares you a little bit?  If so, embrace the uneasiness and see it as an opportunity to lean more on the Holy Spirit. 

As we journey together as disciples, I encourage you to find the name and contact information of a ministry leader at Front Street and ask them how you can serve.  There is always something to do for the benefit of the Kingdom in Burlington and in the world beyond.  And the truth is, we have all been placed here for such a time as this.

May you be blessed as you serve,

Pastor Ross

Last Published: May 9, 2018 3:07 PM
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