God in the ordinary of the summer

Notes from the pastor


Read Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52

X-Treme sports!
Super Blu-ray 3D movies!
Action packed video games!
Faster cars on the racing circuits!
We have become part of a society that craves excitement…power…16 million colors…faster performance.  We want to be like the fellow in the commercial a few years ago who sat in a chair in front of his television with his hair blowing back because of the realistic sound and picture.  Our society says, “Impress me, or lose me!”
Now, before you say to yourself, “I can’t believe that this bozo is against fast cars and exciting movies,” let me just say something.  I like action packed movies just as much as the next person.  I already have some noise-induced hearing loss from concert-speakers and music turned up a little too loud in my car.  And I enjoy the feeling of going a little too fast in a boat on the lake.  (I quit going too fast in my car… for reasons that I’d rather not relive now that my insurance rates have come back down.)
As fun as those things are, sometimes they can keep us from experiencing something great – GOD.  The passage from Matthew, above, invites us to find God in some of the common parts of life – maybe even in places we hadn’t thought of before.
As summer arrives, I invite you to slow down a bit and look for God in the ordinary.  When we take notice, the ordinary can become the extraordinary.
When was the last time you slowed down enough to notice God in some of the small things of life?
                A child’s face as she sleeps…
         The sunlight as it twinkles through the green leaves of a tree …
         The feel of dew on your bare feet in the cool of the morning…
         The wrinkles in the face of a loved one from years of laughter and smiling …
         The subtle colors of a blue, pink, orange, and green sunset at the end of a beautiful summer day.
This summer, as you travel, or as you stay around home, notice the ordinary places in which you catch a glimpse of God and his love for you?
Take the time each day to look for what is good and simple and pure around you…and most likely you will find God there.  It was the pure, simple love of the Father for you that caused Him to allow His Son to die on that cross.  God’s love is not complicated, nor is it hidden from view from those who will see it.
Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.
Remember the wonders and miracles he has done,
Praise the LORD.  -  from Psalm 105
Summer blessings,
Pastor Ross
Last Published: June 13, 2018 3:36 PM
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