Financial recap
Financial recap
I want to take this moment to thank the members of our congregation for your faithfulness as you supported the mission and ministry of Front Street in 2018.  It takes all of us to accomplish the work of the Kingdom.  Below are some bullets containing areas of celebration related to our financial stewardship that I wanted to share with you. 
  • Your 2018 giving allowed us to fund 93% of the Budget.  This represents an increase over 2016 and 2017 which were both 90%.
  • Your giving for 2018 was $69,046 higher than the previous year.
  • Church leadership and staff were able to hold expenses down to 91% of the 2018 budgeted need, so we ended the year without a deficit.
  • The amount you have pledged toward this year’s 2019 Budget is $17,631 higher than what was pledged toward the 2018 Budget. 
I hope you agree with me that these numbers show a positive trend in our church’s finances, and are something we should celebrate!  I know there are a lot of organizations that ask for your support during the year, but I think there is no better place to invest than the work of the Kingdom of God. 

I pray that during this year we will continue to grow as disciples, and that our spiritual growth as a congregation will continue to show itself in our financial faithfulness and our trust in God, our Provider.  Thank you again for your faithfulness. 

Grace and peace,
Pastor Ross 
Last Published: February 6, 2019 2:35 PM
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