How Are You Changed?

How are you changed


As we are created in the image of God – the imago dei – each one of us bears evidence of the divine within us. Who we are, in some way, is formed by that image of God within us.

However, there has been the longstanding debate over which is more important in determining who a person will become – nature or nurture. Are we born with certain tendencies, or are we formed by our environment and our experiences? Personally, I think it’s both.

Obviously Jesus had more than just a reflection of the divine in him – as he walked the earth he was indeed God. Yet, as he grew he was surely formed by the people he met and the places he went.

You and I are the same way. We, too, are formed by the people we meet and the places we experience. As you look in the mirror, while your external visage may be the same, you are not the same person you were 10 days ago or 10 years ago. On this pilgrimage through life you have walked in many places, you have met many people, and you have had many experiences.

I invite you to sit for a moment and listen to your spirit. What experience, person, place has affected you the most? How are you different? What insights or transformations have you experienced? How have you been reminded of the graceful majesty that is the love of God for you. 

This world is not a complicated place. There is dirt, there are plants, there is water, and there are people. Yet, as you have journeyed from day to day, in the midst of the ordinary I hope that you have sensed the Divine. And that the Holy Spirit of God has cultivated a new heart in you full of insight and longing.

You are created in the image of God. I pray that as you make this earthly pilgrimage your formation enables you to see the world and its people through the Lord’s eyes and with the Lord’s heart.




Last Published: October 15, 2019 1:28 PM
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