Holy Places


What? Another article having to do with the pandemic?! Yep. Kind of.

In March 2020, I thought this COVID-19 thing would be gone by the end of flu season. Boy, was I wrong. It’s now 2021. There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel since people are now being vaccinated. However, life as we used to know it may not return for quite a while. And while we might have a tendency to engage in ministry with a tentative mindset, we think it’s time to embrace where we are and seek the holy in the midst of the trial.

Pastor Patrick’s last newsletter article invited us all to think about ways we can pursue lives of discipleship in the midst of the pandemic lifestyle. I think that’s important for us as we strive every day to live and grow as Christian disciples. Now, I don’t have all the answers to what that might look like. Just like you, I’ve never navigated my faith life, much less the life of a congregation, through something like this. But over the past number of months we’ve learned a great deal. And two of the things I’ve learned are: 1) It’s very easy to have other activities eclipse your faith life; and, 2) many of us are longing, even more than in pre-covid times, for ways to be involved with church life.

Since the virus is still a reality, we must be reasonable and smart about what we do. But we have got to begin to ramp up a bit more so that we find holy places and times in the midst of our present reality. What can we do?

Well, in addition to the activities that we are already offering (e.g., Sunday School via Zoom, Prayer Ministry via Zoom, Bible Study via Zoom, etc.), we must broaden our opportunities for you to be involved. So, over the next month you will begin to see more chances to exercise your faith muscles. For example,

  • We would love to include any of you in the congregation who are comfortable to assist in worship by reading scripture. We record worship on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. You can come at that time and we will record you leading the Prayer of Illumination and then sharing the scripture, just as we used to do when worship was inperson. The Prayer of Illumination is already written, and we will send you the Scripture passage ahead of time so you can practice if you need to. We will record your part of the worship service first, and then you would be free to go while we record the rest of the service. If this is something you would like to do, or ask more questions about, please contact me at ross@frontstreetumc.org . We would like to start this as soon as possible.

  • We have been offering the Men’s Breakfast Bible Study and the Coffee & Bible Study with a Pastor during the day. For those who can’t participate during the day, we will begin offering at least one Bible study by Zoom during the evening. Either Patrick or I will lead it. Also, we would love for anyone else who feels called to lead another study to contact me( ross@frontstreetumc.org ). We have three Zoom accounts at the church, and can set up the weekly meetings very easily for you.

  • The Missions Committee has come up with a great idea of having a different missional focus each month. Each focus will include something you can do to be involved. This is in response to the felt need that many of us have right now to be engaged in the lives of others in our community. The pandemic has kept us isolated, but these activities will provide us safe ways to engage and serve others in the name of Christ.

You get the idea. It’s time for us to find and embrace the holy in the midst of a time that doesn’t feel very holy. We can’t wait. God is calling us right now. He is still working in our midst, and still wants to work through us – to help us grow as disciples through worship, study, and service.

So, how will you choose to get involved? Watch out for opportunities coming soon!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Ross

Last Published: February 22, 2021 9:29 AM
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