Missional opportunities


Change has been about the only certainty for us in the last year. But not all of the changes we’ve experienced have been bad. With the rollout of vaccines and (hopefully) the continued adherence to pandemic guidelines, we will slowly change back into a pattern of normalcy, and hopefully with lessons learned over the past year that will keep us closer to God and each other.

That said, the lay leadership and staff at Front Street have been leading us well through these changes in trying to create opportunities for us to continue actively living out our faith through service to others.

One of the big ways we’ve done this is by highlighting one mission focus each month in which everyone church-wide, regardless of ability, can participate. Thanks to Marcy and the children’s ministries, we were able to offer groceries to folks who are currently experiencing food insecurities in our area this month. We want to build on these great moves, knowing that during the pandemic, while we can’t do everything we normally do, we can lean into the good and holy work that we are able to do well and safely.

That said, for the month of April, we will be assembling care packages for the teachers we know and love in the Front Street community, as well as for those who have been doing such amazing work this last year at our Congregations4Children partner school, Eastlawn Elementary. How that will work and what it is that we need from you will be detailed in upcoming Front Street Happenings emails and during announcements at Sunday worship. Suffice it to say for now that we will be looking to YOU to make teacher appreciation a missional priority for the month of April in helping us assemble and transport those care packages. We want to give back to those who give so much to make our children fruitful in their developing lives!

Also, to build further on these acts of kindness and appreciation, in May we will be sending thank you notes and tokens of love to hospital employees, clinic workers, urgent cares, and those who have been front line medical workers over the last year. This show of gratitude was commonplace in the early months of the pandemic, but as with anything we get used to, such gestures fade from view even if we still feel them in our hearts.

Our hope is that in providing these church-wide missional focuses, we will grow more deeply together in the love of Christ. Our prayer is that as the year goes on, we will be able to add more and more back into our life together safely so that, perhaps by the year’s end, we can celebrate a full life of ministry and mission once again. Until then, let us put ourselves to living our faith with open hearts and hands.

- Pastor Patrick

Last Published: March 31, 2021 1:26 PM
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