Tis the Season

Tis the season! For what, you ask? Could I be talking about the fall season, where we prepare for change of weather? Time to get out the sweaters at the back of the closet and dust off the cookbook with your favorite soups. Maybe I mean one of the upcoming holidays. Halloween is around the corner so don't forget the candy bowl. Thanksgiving is soon, and it's not too early to start planning for that big meal and the guests you'll have. Christmas is already showing it's face in department stores reminding us to buy our gifts now! This season is also for football and band, travel and decorating, black Friday, and more... Tis the season - but not for any of that.

Throughout our history the world, and even the church, has taken it's cues for living from nature. We examine and learn from God's creation how to best survive the world we experience. How do you think we designed submarines except by witnessing the creatures that swim best, or learned to build sky scrapers that sway the way even the strongest trees know they must? Those are examples on a grand scale. How is it that we have learned from nature these complex designs for living and yet missed (or ignored) a simpler need?

Most of us wouldn't know to use a seal as an example to build a submarine, but we know what happens when fall and winter arrive. The trees around us change color and lose their leaves. The grass in our yard slows it's growth. The birds and squirrels quiet down and hibernate. God's creation has been busy in the spring and summer, and now it is time to rest.

We know that this is the natural way of things, the way God intended, and yet we often act in rejection of this truth. Fall and winter are likely our busiest time of year filled with all of the many things we pointed to above and probably so much more. We don't slow down in this season, but we speed up. We don't learn from nature here, and in a way we don't listen to God.

It's no wonder then why the fourth commandment adds the word remember. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. God knew we would forget, and we have many times. Thank God for giving us seasons to remind of not just growth and flourishing in the spring and summer, but also of rest and renewal in the fall and winter. I hope and pray that you and your family will make time to rest this season.

Tis the season! The season of rest!

Pastor Stephan

Last Published: October 13, 2021 11:12 AM
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