Stronger Together


I want to begin by thanking everyone who has supported the mission and ministry of Front Street this year with your financial gifts. The wonderful ministry that is done out of our church could not be accomplished without us all contributing our resources. We are truly stronger together, which happens to be our stewardship campaign theme for this fall: Stronger Together.
In the next couple of weeks, you will receive a letter and a Pledge Card for the 2022 Budget. As you pray about how the Lord would lead you to support our church next year, I want to share a bit of information about the budget and about pledging at Front Street. History of the budget & pledges over the past five years:
# of Pledges
Our goal for this fall’s stewardship campaign is to engage more of our congregation in the support of our mission and ministry.  One measure of more families and individuals being involved, that we believe is achievable, is having 200 pledges offered.  We can do way more for the kingdom when more of us contribute our time, talent, and treasure.  So, as you pray about how the Lord would lead you in responding this November, we pray that you would join your fellow Front Streeters in pledging.  For an idea of what your support means to others in the church, check out the fun videos on the church’s social media pages and via the links in the weekly emails.
If you would like a copy of the 2022 Budget, you may pick one up in the church office.  However, for those of you who would prefer less detail, here are some of the major budget section totals.
Clergy & Lay Staff Salaries and Benefits
Church Office Admin and Building Operations
Christian Education
Music Programs
Missions & Benevolences
On Pledge Sunday (Nov. 21) we will have the opportunity to communicate our pledges for 2022; and, as always you have a few options:
  • You can bring your pledge card to worship, if you are comfortable attending in person.
  • You can mail your pledge card to our Financial Manager, Tammy Page, in the church office (PO Box 2597, Burlington, NC 27216).
  • You can deliver your pledge card to the Church Office.
  • You can enter your pledge online.   This online method has the same blanks to fill in as the paper pledge card.  When you hit “Submit” after the final question, it will send the information confidentially and directly to our Financial Manager, Tammy Page, in the church office.
I pray that the Lord would continue to bless us together, as a church, as we seek to be faithful in how we live, give, and love in the name of Christ. 
Last Published: October 26, 2021 2:24 PM
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