Stronger Together 2


We are in the midst of stewardship! What is the first thing you think of when you think of stewardship? Maybe, “oh no, the church is asking for me to give all my money away again.” Part of this is true. No, the church doesn’t want all of your money, but it is a time for each of us to commit to supporting the works of the church through our giving. However, this act of giving should be considered only a small part of what stewardship means. Yes, it is a big act, but stewardship has bigger intentions in our life. In fact, it’s a lot less about giving things away, and a lot more about keeping them.
Stewardship by definition is about caring for and tending to something. In this sense the very first stewards of the world were Adam and Eve. After creating these first humans God tasked them with caring for the Garden of Eden and all the creatures of the earth. In Genesis 2:15 God told Adam and Eve to “dress it and keep it.” This work of dressing and keeping the Garden is the true intention behind stewardship. Sure, the act of doing this involved giving up time and effort, but the purpose God gives the first stewards and us is to keep it. To keep something may seem counter active to what we do during this season, until we understand that keep doesn’t mean "hold on to.”
Jesus tells us not to store up treasures on earth, for they will perish. You see, holding on to money is letting its value and potential perish. That couldn’t be the “keep” that God told Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve keeping the garden meant they must nourish and grow it. That must be what we need to focus on during this season. It is not about giving our money (that’s only our participation), it’s about keeping the church. The church is our garden gifted to us by Jesus. Let us take seriously the charge to be good stewards of God’s created world.
- Pastor Stephan
Last Published: November 10, 2021 6:11 PM
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