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There was a man named Philip journeying through a wilderness road from Jerusalem to Gaza. On the way he met an unnamed person who held a high position in the courts of Queen Candace of Ethiopia. The unnamed person was reading an old text and seemed to be having a hard time understanding it. As Philip approached he could hear the person reading out loud to them self. The person read the text several times while emphasizing several different words and drawing out the images depicted – all to try and understand even a small portion of what this old text was trying to say. Philip knew the answer to the question he was about to ask the unnamed person, but he asked it anyway. “Do you understand what you are reading?” The unnamed person threw down the old text and let out an exasperated sigh. They responded with frustration, “How can I, unless someone guides me?”

You know this story whether you’ve read Acts chapter 8 or not. You could call this the story of the Ethiopian Eunuch, or you could call it the story of every Christian that ever lived. As we journey in the wilderness roads between the secular and divine we meet people who are trying desperately to understand the words of scripture. They want to know what these words mean for their lives, how they can grow into better people, and where they can experience the mysterious gospel message of a savior who died and then rose again. If we’re especially honest about our relationship with this story we will acknowledge that the unnamed person is more often than not a mirror of ourselves. We try with all our might to read this old text and understand, only to be left wondering what in the world it’s talking about.  

The good news I can share with you is in the exclamation of the unnamed person (“How can I understand unless someone guides me?). That confession is the starting place we all need to recognize.
We were not made to study scripture alone. God gave us the gift of the church, and even small groups of peers to help us navigate this vast and deep Word of God. The Discipleship Team at Front Street recognizes this need and wants to do what we can to support you on this journey. That’s why we are starting Group Projects. Groups Projects are a small group setting where you can read scripture aloud with others so that each of you can be guided to understand more of what God is calling you to be. Group Projects will meet at varying times to meet the needs of its individuals. Studies and discussions will be provided for group discussion. Group projects are being created now. If you are interested in joining a group project find a card in your worship space on Sunday morning and turn it in with the offering or sign up here. One special note about Group Projects. The project of the group is not the Bible. The project is you.
Pastor Stephan


Last Published: May 3, 2022 9:22 AM
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