Did you Know

The Israelites began their time as slaves in Egypt because Joseph (of the coat of many colors) brought them all there during a famine. In the book of Numbers there is a talking donkey. The lineage of Jesus includes a prostitute. There are psalms that include cursing your enemies. Some of Paul’s letters include songs that he wrote. Mary the mother of Jesus sings a song that is inspired by Hannah in the Old Testament singing a song about her son Samuel. Elisha cursed a group of children for calling him balled, and two bears came to eat them. Two other people besides Moses parted waters for a group of people to cross on dry land. There is a psalm written as an acrostic so that the beginning of lines goes through the Hebrew alphabet. The book of Acts is short for “Acts of the Apostles.
I wonder, how many of those things did you know? These are just a few things I recall as interesting, yet rarely known facts in the Bible. To be sure, the Bible is something we can read all our lives long and always learn something new. That is why we call it the living word of God. It continues to speak into our lives today, as it has done for people the last few thousand years. You may understand well the power of reading one scripture and understanding one truth, and years later reading the same scripture and learning a brand new truth. But, have you considered how much of scripture there is left to teach you first truths?
Biblical literacy is a waning aspect of many Christian lives today. And that is a sad truth. Scripture was never meant to be something preachers read and then distilled for listeners on Sunday morning. One of the major plots that runs through the whole biblical narrative is God’s desire to cut out the middle man and get right into a relationship with you! The Bible is your best tool at accepting that relationship. 
That is why the discipleship team at Front Street UMC is sharing the summer reading plans. This is an opportunity for you to be guided to read the whole Bible in 90 days. Yes! Really! I know it sounds like a lot, but investing in a relationship sometimes is. And here’s the bait and switch: if you really aren’t sure about the whole Bible plan you can choose to do the four gospels (in chronological order) in 90 days. And if you have children you can join them in reading the Psalms in 90 days. There are a plethora of options for you to begin this relationship, and I want to encourage you to try. As I mentioned before, there is no ending to your relationship with God. There is no end to the things you will learn from the Bible. There is only the beginning. Get started!
Pastor Stephan
Last Published: May 24, 2022 11:35 AM
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