At the Table: Front Street UMC YouTube Series
Have you heard of this thing called “At The Table?” If not, have you been living under a rock?! (Read to the end for a special request!) At The Table is Front Street UMC’s weekly video series where we explore Christian faith in our daily lives. We see the alter Jesus calls us to more like a kitchen table. Just like yours! Our faith is as common as that table, and we hope to make it as easy to get to. 
It has been almost 10 months since we started this journey of a weekly video series and it has been a true blessing! We’ve had hundreds of people watch; with stories of people watching with their colleagues at work, in their classrooms, at other churches' Bible studies, from Burlington to Florida and even a few extended friends in Oregon! 
But we know it can spread even further, and that will take your help. In order for this to share further we’re asking for 3 things:
1. Watch the video until the end (there might be spoilers).
2. “Like” the video on facebook or YouTube (that simple click makes a huge difference!).
3. Send any or all of them to friends and family (this is disciples making disciples!). 
Listen, the truth is this whole thing stops with you. If you weren’t as amazing as you already are with watching this far, we couldn’t keep doing it. The opposite is so true. You will be the reason this opportunity to engage in a relationship with God reaches the masses! So maybe make this your Lenten practice! Regardless, Ray and I thank you for allowing us to do this fun and creative work in ministry with you. 
See you next time!
-Pastor Stephan


Last Published: March 1, 2023 1:50 PM
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