Don't Make Others Do Your Ministry
Don't Make Others Do Your Ministry 
I do not like green peas. You know, those little round ones. I have never liked them, as a child or an adult.
I remember as a child that my mother would cook those stinking peas at least every-other-day (I think the older I got the more frequent the times mom cooked them). I hated them. And to make matters worse, mom made me eat them.
My sister, on the other hand, loved those little green things. As I got a bit older, I learned that if I watched mom and dad, while they were in conversation I could put a whole spoonful of peas on my sister’s plate without mom or dad noticing what I had done! My sister didn't mind because she loved them. With this system perfected, it was rare that I had to eat those little green peas.
It amazes me that anyone likes those peas, because to me, they taste horrible. I mean, I really can't imagine anyone liking and eating those terrible peas. Yet, those who love them don't understand why anyone wouldn't like them!
You know what? Sounds like church folk to me. "How can you go to church at 8:45 in the morning?" "I love 11:00 worship; it is so inspiring!" "I think 8:45 worship is the best service that I have ever experienced!" "How can you teach a bunch of preschoolers?" "I can't imagine working at ASP!"
You see, all of us are called ministers. We each have our own special areas which we are gifted and enjoy doing. For others, to do what you are called to do is strange and not very enjoyable.
So... it is imperative, that each of us finds our gifts and passions of ministry and put them to work. Don't make others do your ministry.
Don't make me eat those horrible green peas!
-Pastor Ray


Last Published: March 13, 2023 10:51 AM
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