Choose Gratitude

Choosing Gratitude

I AM CHOOSING GRATITUDE! As I write this article that first sentence is something I’m telling myself more than I’m telling you. It’s something I’m aspiring to, because I’ve not actually accomplished it yet (but maybe by the end of this letter). I’m willing myself to choose gratitude because I need it, despite my minds attempts to distract me.

It’s really easy to focus on the frustrations in life. Here’s my list: getting behind at work; having an overloaded schedule; getting sick; kid getting sick; taxes; grocery shopping again?!; the other kid getting sick; remembering a meeting as it’s about to start; remembering a meeting… You see? Easy.

So here’s to gratitude. I’m thankful for: Jim Pace, for his gift of teaching and dedication to the church; Melissa Miller, for her caring presence and fun projects (i.e. Easter Egg Hunt!); Josh Abraham, for his passion and strength in leading worship; Sierra Margeson, for her steady trust in me and her gentle corrections of me; You, for every way you show up and remind me that God has called me to do good work. I could be thankful for small things. Still, I think it’s good to see how big the things I’m thankful for can be, compared to how small the frustrating things actually are.

Sometimes I have to force myself to take a more charitable read on the world and my place in it. Not because there is so little to be thankful for, but because I’m human and my connection to gratitude can get clogged up and in need of cleaning. Thanks for letting me do that messy spiritual work with you… thanks… Hey, what do you know? It worked!

-Pastor Stephan


Last Published: March 29, 2023 9:30 AM
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