What's Your View
What's Your View 
Several years ago we had a neighbor who was an artist. He was quite a good artist in my mind. He had great paintings and photographs as well. When you get to know Wally (not his real name), it was obvious that he was always on the lookout for the perfect view for the next painting or photo shoot.
One day during a snow storm I heard something outside. It was like someone was out there doing something to our house. I headed to the front door just to take a look. It was then that I saw Wally.
The noise we heard was Wally gathering up our trash cans and putting them away. It was strange. The trash collection had taken place and there was Wally putting away OUR trash cans.
Why would someone go through the trouble of putting away someone else's trash cans? I was not willing to let this question torture me, so I ventured outside in the cold and asked Wally, “Why are you putting away our trash cans?” Wally’s immediate response, "The snow" he said. Then I had to ask,  "What do you mean 'the snow?’"
"Well, the trash cans ruined the view. When I was in my living room by the fire, I was watching the beautiful snow fall. As I looked, I couldn't get over how the trash cans were ruining the aesthetic beauty of the snow. Now with them out of my way I can look at your wonderful yard, the bushes and trees and watch the snow fall unfettered." was his answer.
Do you ever look intentionally for beautiful views? I mean have you ever  set out to find a beautiful picturesque site? Have you ever moved something that might have been in the way of something truly lovely?    
So... Who is it in your life that gets in the way of those beautiful sites? A person at work, or church or perhaps school? Take a moment the next time you see them and instead of trying to overlook them or putting them aside, look at the God given beauty that God has given you in them. Could it be that our own obstacles might be ruining the view? Might it be that THEY are the beautiful sight that God wants you to see?
-Pastor Ray


Last Published: April 13, 2023 9:00 AM
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