Be Careful What You Toss
Be Careful What You Toss
It’s graduation time! This is such an exciting time of year! Too, it can be daunting! I remember my college graduation so very well, and not for good reasons. 
After all the graduation ceremonies, I went back to my room to finish packing up and cleaning up. As I worked, I remember thinking—finished! Great work, double major, I had done a great job. I was feeling proud, excited, and nervous. I was going to take the summer off and then head to Duke University for some more school. I was well pleased with my college success. And I was very proud of that piece of paper that said I had earned my bachelor’s degree!
Cleaning up after a year of living in the same place was not an easy job. I had a big garbage bag in the middle of the floor into which I was tossing  all kinds of junk: old papers, notes, post-its, magazines, posters, a couple of old rugs, tooth brushes, and an orange that had been left under my bed and had begun to grow hair (I bet my roommate left that there). After all was cleaned I threw the two bags of garbage in the dumpster. Then I went back to my room to take the last bit of valuables to my car, some clothes, some last minute gifts I received, and my diploma. However, I couldn't find that piece of paper...where could it be?! I began to panic. Then I thought...the dumpster.
On my graduation day, I ended up in the dumpster looking through mountains of garbage. I finally found my two bags of trash (did you know that all garbage bags look just alike) and began looking for my diploma. Finally, I found it.
There it was, my diploma, it was crumpled up like an ordinary piece of trash. There was the piece of paper for which I had worked so hard and I had almost lost it in the dumpster. You can see that piece of paper under glass on my wall—wrinkles, a garbage stain, and all - and I'm still proud.
So…some of the most valuable things in our life can easily be tossed aside if we're not careful. Look at all the things you take for granted or toss and make sure you really want to throw them away—an old friend, a person you've been on the outs with for years, your tithe, worship, your prayer life....go find them. There may be wrinkles, some worn threads, some stains, but that which is most precious to us always weathers well.
-Pastor Ray


Last Published: April 25, 2023 10:53 AM
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